Our mission is to produce high quality electrocoated, powder coated and nylon-coated parts with exceptional turnaround at a reasonable price. Since our beginnings we have accomplished all three objectives. This collection of unique coatings lends itself to a variety of industries ranging from automotive, furniture and agriculture to appliance as well as many others.

IPS West has developed a rather large customer base considering the short time they have been in business. A large automotive located in North West Ohio is one of IPS West's anchor accounts. This customer is a high quality, high volume stamper that works primarily for the automotive industry. Their customer base ranges from General Motors and Ford Motor Company to Bosch who services many of the European as well as domestic auto manufacturers. Their quality is second to none and they rely on IPS West to supply them with the highest quality, on time coatings.

A Tier 1 automotive supplier is another large customer of IPS West, LLC. We process stabilizer bars for the Ford trucks as well as several other car lines. The reason this manufacturer came to IPS West for its coating needs was due to our value added way of doing business. IPS West receives the forged bars from their Michigan facility, grit blasts the bars, welds two bushing stabilizer collars onto the bar and electrocoat the final bars. The bars are then marked with an identification paint mark and returned to their Michigan facility.

A partial list of customers is:

  • International Truck NGV Bumpers.
  • Harley Davidson Brake Lines.
  • International Truck Heavy Stampings
  • Agricultural implements
  • Metal building components
  • Ford Motor Co. Differential Castings
  • Motor and Generator housings
  • Automotive body mounts and brackets

Give us a call or drop us an email and let us take a look at your project and see if we can add you to our list!

Vitals on the plants:

Waynesfield –

  • 42,000 Square Feet (Adding 25,200 SqFt in 2005)
  • Eight (8) well type loading docks
  • One (1) street level dock
  • Addition will have one (1) street level dock and two (2) well docks

Kenton, OH

  • 50,000 Square Feet
  • Five (5) well type-loading docks
  • One (1) street level do

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