Subassembly: We realize at IPS West that our customers have unique needs beyond coating. IPS West therefore offers Assembly and light Sub Assembly services to our customers. We welcome your inquiries regarding special needs for your sub assembly requirements.

Special Packaging:

IPS West offers a wide variety of packaging options:

  • Layer packaging
  • Cell Pack
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Custom Cut Foam Cell Pack
  • Metal and Plastic Banding
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Wood Crating
  • Custom Engineered Specialty Packaging


IPS West is equipped with several state of the art computerized labeling systems.

Barcode and 2D labeling capabilities are available

Container labeling with the ‘travelers’ insure precise lot control. This process enables our customers full traceability of their product from receipt through paint to shipping.

IPS West labels parts to ship direct to OEM or Assemblers or return them to your facility.

Inventory Tracking

The ‘IPS Traveler’ system is used on all incoming parts. It allows our customers easy tracking of their parts through the finishing process.

The traveler contains:

  • Customer Name
  • Date Received
  • Packing Slip number
  • Part number and description
  • Shipping Associates International
  • Quantity Incoming Associate Initials
  • Incoming shipper number
  • Purchase Order number
  • Customer Lot/Heat number
  • Date Processed
  • Date shipped


  • Domestic Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • EDI and ASN Capabilities
  • Destination labeling
  • FOB Capabilities
  • OEM Shipping

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